Bloxorz Game

bloxorzBloxorz is a very addicting and interesting puzzle game. The idea of the game is pretty simple – you have to move the rectangular block through the whole stage and make it fall into the hole. The main problem is that the hole has form of square, this means that you have to think about every move very carefully. The first several levels of the game are very simple and are made to introduce the gameplay to the player. As you progress in the game, it become more and more difficult to fit the rectangular block into the square hole. You should also keep in mind,that if your block fall from the stage, you lose the level and will have to start it from the beginning.

There are 33 levels in Bloxorz game. In the higher levels, you will discover a lot of interesting things that should be used to complete the level, for example bridge-opening switches, block-splitting switches and many other stuff that make this puzzle game even more interesting. Playing the game is very simple, you should use arrow buttons to move your block on the stage. One more useful feature that has this puzzle game is level unlock codes. Everytime you complete a level, you are given a special code.  Next time, when you decide to play it, you won't have to complete all levels from the beginning, just paste the code for the following level and continue playing.